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My audiobooks are discussed here. This site contains information about my audiobooks and how to order them from Amazon and other places.

My Audiobooks

I have been pleasantly surprised at the reception of my audiobooks. I did not realize that there is such a big market out there for audiobooks. Many listeners use the Whispersync for Voice feature on Amazon to link together the Audible audiobook and the Kindle book so they can switch back and forth between the two.

Currently, I have four audiobooks: 50 Wild Motorcycle Tales, 50 MORE Wild Motorcycle Tales, Motorcycle Kick-Starts, and Normal Secrets. Click the following covers to see these audiobooks on Amazon. (They are also available on iTunes.) Normal Secrets and 50 MORE Wild Motorcycle Tales are also available in a CD version.

Click the book covers below for more information about all my books and audiobooks. You'll also have an opportunity to purchase through Amazon.

Current Audiobooks:

My Books:

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