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Welcome to my Author Website. This site contains information about my books and how to order them from Amazon. The first four books I wrote have motorcycle themes. You'll see the titles in the menu.

The title, Normal Secrets: A Search for Identity, Growth, Love, and Motorcycles - a memoir, is my first book to leave motorcycles (for the most part). Normal Secrets is a memoir that reveals how secrets withheld from me were recognized only when my father died. Then I had to spend seven years to uncover them all and verify them.

My memoir covers my entire life giving you a discourse in how I was able to move from wanting to be a mechanic in my hometown of Normal, Illinois, to gain multiple degrees in engineering and work for a world famous research laboratory. I spent the first 54 years of my life not knowing anything about the secrets in my life.

The secrets are now known, and I thought it was time at the age of 79 that I should write this memoir to tell you all about my Normal Secrets.

Maybe you have secrets that you know nothing about. I sure did. Take a look at my paperback or Kindle edition of Normal Secrets and be amazed.

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